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Item Max number of Selections
Cauliflower Max 4
Cabbage Max 4
Rockmelon Max 4
Pineapple Max 4
Carrots Max 4
Apples & Bananas Max 4
Potatoes Max 4
Tomatoes Max 4
All other items Max 2

For example if you choose 2 selections of carrots you will receive 1KG of carrots as they are supplied in 500g increments

Please Note if any of your items aren't up to our standards or are unavailable we will replace with something similar that meets our standards. Fruit n Vegies R Us apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

Any Additional Instructions

Would you like to add any of these items to your Box at a cost of $2.50 each or FR Eggs at $6 per dozen

FR Eggs ( per dozen )


Cherry Tomatoes



Please check that you have reviewed the delivery schedule for your suburb.