Fruit n Vegies R Us


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about Fruit n Vegies R Us

We are a small, local family run business that delivers fresh fruit and vegies direct to your door.

We have over 50 years combined experience in the fruit and vegetable industry; we owned and operated a plantation in Carnarvon growing produce for 18 years, only leaving for our children to further their education.

Over these years we built up good relationships with our fellow growers & salesmen, which we still maintain. Now that we have been running fruit n vegies r us for 20 years, we can provide our customers with high quality, WA grown produce which is much fresher & cheaper, due to our experience & inside knowledge as to where to source good produce all year round.

Also, our produce goes direct to our customers, not having to pass through a distribution centre.
- fresher is better!

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Here at Fruit n Vegies r us we are environmentally conscious & like to recycle as much as possible. We ask all our customers to please help us by leaving your empty box out for collection, either at your front door or at your next delivery drop off. We and the environment would very much appreciate this.